B.K.AIR SYSTEMS is manufacturer different kinds of Centrifugal Blowers. These fans are available in different configurations - Double inlet double width, Single inlet single width and Inline duct fans with different impeller blade profiles.(Radial blades, backward inclined, backward curved, aerofoil, forward curves, padel type etc. to meet different duty conditions with low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure applications) Impellers can be offered in different materials such as mild steel, stainless steel, MS FRP lined, MS Rubber lined. Fans are also offered with different surface treatments such as epoxy paint, spray galvanizing, hot dip galvanising (up to certain areas).

Salient Features

  1. Cost Effective
  2. Large Air Volumes & Pressure
  3. High Efficiency
  4. Low Power Consumption
  5. Easy to Install
  6. Low Maintenance
  7. Variable air pressure

Induced & Forced draft Blowers

The ID & FD fans are designed to meet ideal requirement for various industrial applications.

B.K.AIR SYSTEMS fans are of sheet steel construction with backward curved self cleaning blades. The self - cleaning efficiency of an induced draft fan will increase when the tip angle of the blade is enlarged. These fans are, therefore, suitable for Kitchen Exhaust, Dust Collector System , Fume Exhaust, Welding Shops, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Engineering Industry, Automobiles etc.

B.K.AIR SYSTEMS, Centrifugal Blowers are well engineered and having high efficiency incorporating all the latest technologies and are made in heavy duty construction with statically & dynamically balanced impellers which gives trouble free performance. BKAIR ID & FD Fan models consist of completely backward curved, backward curved with self cleaning and straight blades.

B.K.AIR SYSTEMS is manufacturing fans in Mild Steel / Stainless steel / F.R.P./ Aluminum with F.R.P. lining / Rubber lining as per requirements. Forced Draft These fans are used to pressurize a space or create mechanical air pressure in a system. Forced draft is also used to identify the combustion process used in large boilers. When mechanical ventilation is supplied to these boilers, the heat transfer rate increases; the boiler can be reduced in size to produce the same amount of energy as natural draft.

B.K.AIR SYSTEMS fan wheel has backward curved blades and is designed for either clockwise or anti- clockwise rotation. The blades and wheel are aerodynamically formed to ensure highest efficiency.

These fans are, therefore, suitable for Forced Ventilation, DC Motor Ventilation, Drying Application, Wire Drawing, Dust Proofing / Pressurization.

Induced Draft Fans

Type: Total Pressure mm WG
BKMRL: 300
BKMRM: 600
BKHRM: 900

Forced Draft Fans

Type: Total Pressure mm WG
BKCBL: 110
BKMBM: 600
BKHBM: 900
BKHBH: 1200

Air Quantity - 500 CMH to 1,50,000 CMH.

Backward Curved Limit Load Blowers (DIDW/SISW)

B.K.AIR SYSTEMS Limit Load Blowers (Backward Curved) consists of Double Inlet Double Width (DIDW) centrifugal fans. These fans have Backward curved impellers with Backward curved blades having special profile to give you maximum efficiency at low noise levels. These fans are of Limit Load characteristics, and provide quieter operation and better efficiency and are suitable for various applications, where high volume air displacement is required like Air Cooling, General Ventilation, Pressurization etc. in commercial process and industrial HVAC systems. The available sizes are From - Wheel Diameter 457 mm to 1854 mm for SISW fans. Wheel Diameter 457 mm to 2051 mm for DIDW fans.

Forward Curved Limit Load Blowers(DIDW/SISW)

Centrifugal Blowers with forward curved impellers have forward curved blades. These fans are used when we require max. efficiency with low power consumption and noise level. These fans are used to achieve high volume at a low pressure. Housing & impellers of these blowers are manufactured in G.I. sheet.

APPLICATIONS :- Air Cooling, Pressurization / Ventilation Systems etc. The available sizes are From - Wheel Diameter 330 mm to 600 mm for SISW fans. Wheel Diameter 330 mm to 1000 mm for DIDW fans.


Centrifugal Blower are widely used for Air Cooling Ventilation/Exhaust Systems, Dust Collection Systems, Fume Exhaust, Vacuum Cleaning, Clean Rooms, Journal Exhaust in industries like Auto Mobiles, Air Conditioning, Power & Cement Industries, Food & Agriculture, Minerals/Ore, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizers & Chemicals, Glass/Bulb/Lighting.