Bifurcated Fans

The Bifurcated Fan is a special type of Fan In which the motor is isolated from the air stream. The motor sits within a tunnel, which passes all the way through the casing. This allows unrestricted air movement for motor cooling, which is of particular importance for higher temperature applications.

Bifurcated Fans The middle section of the fan casing is enlarged to minimize the restriction of airflow. Coned ends have been carefully proportioned to give a smooth flow from the impellor barrel right through the casing. The use of a one piece spinning for the cone ends ensures accuracy and smooth aerodynamic transitions. These Fans also have Cast Aluminum Alloy Impeller with high efficiency aero foil section blades.

Application of Bifurcated fans

The BK AIR - Bifurcated fans has been designed to handle both air and gas containing mists and dusts at normal and high temperatures. There is no detrimental effect on the motor, as it is isolated in a tunnel outside the air stream. It must be remembered to take account of abrasion or other damage to the impellor by abrasive materials. In these fans

The available sizes are from 500 to 1200 mm diameter.