Dust Collector

BKAIR has a complete range of Dust Collectors which are efficient, rugged and durable with minimum maintenance requirements. We offer only the highest quality products backed by advanced technology and outstanding technical support generating considerable added value to the customers.

Dust Collector Dust collector is used for suction of dust /fume particle from dust letting out source from different type of machines. Dust collector mainly consists of three parts: Top shell, center shell and hopper. Bags are provided In the center shell for filtration of dusty air so that the the environment should not be polluted. Dust is collected in the dust bin which can be easily removed.

BKAIR can design the dust collector according to the customer s requirement, taking correct static pressure, motor requirement thickness of material. We use imported as well as Indian filter by keeping the customers budget in mind. Our systems incorporate a low pressure drop across the unit resulting in less energy consumption.

Blower is selected professionally to deliver proper air quantity and to optimize electricity consumption. Our product line includes wood working dust collectors, high-static-pressure dust collectors and portable dust collectors. Our products are used in the automotive, medical, wood, fiberglass and other industries.

BKAIR Dust Collectors can provide following dust collectors :
  • Pulse Jet Dust Collectors
  • Mechanical Shaking Type
  • Manual Shaking Type
  • Cyclone Dust Collectors